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Financing template

Follow the steps:

Financing Steps:

(#101) Strat ask customer looking to finance?
(#102) if YES, send text
(#103) Call customer
(#104) Send text/email
(#105) You got financing application
(#106) Ask for Income Income Verification Link (#107) Find the vehicle
Important Note: On Every single step, (or at least once in the day) send an update text:

(#101) Get message if is available?

(#102) I would like to Finance:

(#103) Have customer phone number:

(#104) Financing application online:

(#105) Receiving financing application:

(#106) Income Verification Link

(#106) Most recent three months of pay stubs

(#107) Help you find the perfect vehicle

In case you have any questions.

You are approved

General Questions template

    Didn't find the answer?
    Ask us questions directly

    Common questions

    Your inquiry regarding financing options.

    My finance manager will give you call:

    Make a down payment

    Try to call

    Our Address

    What is the Interest rate?

    Which banks are you partnering with?

    My credit is really bad, Can I do financing?

    Cash or finance? Which deal is a better deal?

    I have few quotations. about financing

    My credit is really bad, Can I do financing?

    Buy Cash: Dealer contact

    Is the price negotiable?

    Follow up with Customers a days later.

    I want to take it to the mechanics

    Don't hesitate to contact me

    I want to take it to the mechanics


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