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Car Catch Canada.

Car Catch is transforming the car-buying experience with advanced AI tools and extensive filters, providing customers with access to all dealership inventories in their city.
Our platform helps users find the perfect vehicle by asking the right questions, such as the intended usage, family size, monthly mileage, and budget.
We also facilitate top trade-in offers, ensuring customers get the best deals.
Car Catch makes the search process seamless and efficient, matching customers with the ideal vehicle based on their specific needs and preferences.

Where auto searching is made

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For the first time in the Auto Industry!
#1 Service 2023
#1 Service 2023

For the first time in the Auto Industry!

Auto Expert Consultants

Introducing Auto Expert Consultants:
For the First time in the Auto Industry!
Car Catch is revolutionizing the auto industry with our new service, called Auto Expert Consultants Customers can now ask our experts any questions and receive unbiased, straightforward answers.
Pick the option that works best for your comfort: a call, text, or email from our experts.
We prioritize our customers' needs over dealerships, ensuring honest advice without any pressure or bias. Trust Car Catch for transparent support in your car-buying journey.
Talk face to face with Auto Expert Consultant teams now!
How is Canadian automotive industry for...?
Should i buy finance or lease a used or a new car
Find a perfect vehicle for my life lifestyle?
What is your opinion on hybrid cars?

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Huge cars inventory

Huge cars inventory

More Choice, More Time, Higher Quality Cars...
Trusted by hundreds

Trusted by hundreds

Gain Support, Peace Of Mind, Greater Buyer Protection, Avoid Disagreements
Free test drive experience

Free test drive experience

When you’re at Car Catch, you have the benefit of knowing that you’re dealing with industry professionals.
Guaranteed price contract

Guaranteed price contract

Room For Negotiation, Flexible Payments, Sell Your Old Car to us!

What our clients say


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It was the first time I ever buy a car

A one-to-remember and a highly recommended purchasing experience. Received courteous and professional treatment. The team worked seamlessly and cohesively together from start to finish to make the process of purchasing a car totally hassle free. Not only this, they went above and beyond to take care of us and helped us meet our specific needs.
Thank you for making the purchase really pleasant and enjoyable
Emily Rees
Emily Rees

Thank you very much for helping us to find a car

I recently purchased a car from them and had a great experience. Extremely professional. Despite it being pretty busy, Iraj made sure we were taken care of. The patience and knowledge of the employees at Approval guy did not go unnoticed. They really do make it feel like home! Highly recommend.
James Smith
James Smith
Office Assistant

A great experience.

Had a fantastic experience buying my vehicle from Approval Guy. Navish is great to work with. It was a one-stop shop for all of my questions and made car buying a worry-free experience. I also feel that I got an exceptional value and was offered a high level of customer service. Highly recommend going to Navish and Approval Guy if you're in the market for a slightly used vehicle.
Emma Miller
Emma Miller
Project Manager

Thank you, a great experience indeed.

I recently purchased an Audi A4 from Approval Guy with assistant of an amazing Financial Manager Navish. He is knowledgeable in his field and very helpful in the purchasing my vehicle. Thank you Navish
Adam Jarod
Adam Jarod

It was a pleasure working with you

I enjoyed working with Navish on my car purchase and appreciate his candid no-pressure style. He's a car guy and relates with the auto enthusiast in all of us!
Emily Rees
Emily Rees
Radio host

an easy process

Iraj is very patient and professional, he let my cousin find the car he wanted and then helped him with the financing. Not many places in the city allow the client to find their own vehicle. He is someone I would recommend to everyone!
Sal Jami
Sal Jami
Office Assistant


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